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Questions For My Claim Representative

These are questions we suggest you ask your insurance company. It is preferable to request the answers to these via email so that you can have documentation that may be referred back to at a later time.

  1. Is my claim covered?
  2. What if my loss exceeds my policy limits?
  3. Are there exclusions in my policy that apply to this claim?
  4. Will my insurance company pay all the necessary costs I incur to put my home back the way it was?
  5. Can I choose the contractor to perform the needed repairs to my home? (If not, why?)
  6. Is there anything you can tell me that will help to settle this claim?
  7. When can I expect the first check (how much will it be) and when will the remaining checks be issued?
  8. What if the total of all of the checks is not enough to complete repairs?
  9. Are you authorized to settle my claim? (Obtain a name, title, phone number, and email of the person that is authorized)

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