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Does Your HVAC System Need a Cleaning?

Does Your HVAC System Need a Cleaning? 

A dirty heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system is more than just a little unsightly. Dust and debris in your ductwork may be carrying allergens and contaminants that could decrease your indoor air quality. Duct cleaning helps to prevent this problem, and others. 

Improve Indoor Air Quality 

The biggest reason to keep your ductwork squeaky clean is your indoor air quality. You might not even realize that you have a problem until the situation has become quite serious. Do you seem to struggle with seasonal allergies, especially in the spring and autumn? You can try to hide indoors to avoid the plants outside, but those allergens come inside through your HVAC system. HVAC filtration should get the worst of it, but only if you are very regular about upkeep. If you see a lot of dust or dirt in your duct registers, you know where it goes every time you turn on the air conditioner–straight into every room of your house. By investing the time to have your ductwork cleaned out, you might notice an immediate difference in the way you feel. 

Increase HVAC Efficiency 

Dust on your HVAC equipment is more than just a threat to your health. It also affects the function of your equipment, which you rely on to keep cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Air comes from the outside, then runs through the filter and into the equipment, where it has heat removed or is heated, depending on the season. If that air is not filtered effectively by a clean filter (and there is a high likelihood that it is not), the dust will spread over the equipment and into your ductwork. Dirty ductwork may actually be your first sign that your HVAC equipment is having some problems you need to address. Knowing the condition of your ductwork can help you decide when you need to schedule a service check with your HVAC technician. 

Homeowner Tips 

Of course, you use your HVAC system every day to cool or warm the house, which means that you need to keep an eye on it regularly. Once your ductwork is clean, you can help to keep it clear by ensuring good airflow and effective filtration. Locate your air supply vents on the home’s exterior and clear any dirt or greenery that is growing into the space. Do the same for the area around your exterior air conditioning unit. Change or clean your air filters several times a year, so the filter is always able to pull out pollutants that come in. These simple steps take very little time and cost hardly anything at all. 

A little forward thinking could provide you with a year of better indoor air quality. All you have to do is invest some time every season to keep your HVAC system clean, and arrange for duct cleaning in Wausau, WI. 

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