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5 Reasons to Get Flooring and Upholstery Cleaning

5 Reasons to Get Flooring and Upholstery Cleaning

Remember when your flooring and furniture were new? Take years off your home furnishing and flooring with these cleaning tips and advice for professional carpet cleaning.

1. A Professional Has the Right Equipment

The difference between professional carpet cleaning and a DIY job with a rental carpet cleaner is quite stark. A professional can use much more powerful equipment to clean the carpet and remove water quickly. The inexpensive rental models take longer and may not remove as mu ch water, leading to uncomfortably wet floors and the risk of mold growing under the carpet pads.

2. Each Room Gets a Refresh

Now can be the perfect time for renewal, for the home to seem as fresh as when it was built. This requires attention to the floors and furniture. Upholstery cleaning is difficult, particularly for furniture with antique upholstery, or furniture that is made with fine materials like silk. Investing the time to thoroughly clean out each room and remove all stains could take days or even weeks. Hiring a professional gets the job done rapidly and beautifully, so that each room is a new source of happiness..

3. Your Home Will Smell Better

Stains and spills do more than just look unsightly in your home. Some liquids can cause foul odors overtime, and they may not go away by spraying some Febreze or running a fan nearby . If the tile and grout are not kept scrupulously clean, the porous surface becomes a harbinger for bacteria that can breed and produce an unpleasant stench in your kitchen, dining room or entryway.  Proper grout and tile cleaning keeps your home smelling fresh every day.

4. Dirty Grout Is Bad for Your Health

That bacteria growing on your tile and in your grout is doing more than ruining your home comfort. It can actually increase your risk of contracting diseases. Your indoor air quality is really important, and one way to promote it is by getting a detailed cleaning for all of your flooring, regardless of the material.  Tile and grout cleaning helps to preserve your investment in your flooring, while disinfecting the space and making it look good as new

5. It Is Easier to Keep Clean

Many homeowners find that it is easier to keep a space clean than it is to do the fundamental cleaning in the first place. You can get your upholstery and flooring back to baseline with a solid professional scrubbing. As a result, you can keep your floors and upholstery much cleaner by brushing, vacuuming, sweeping and spot-cleaning as needed. Ask your cleaning company for information about cleaning specific types of upholstery without damaging them.

Everybody wants a beautiful home that is a delight to show. With these tips to clean your flooring and furniture, you will easily be able to keep your home clean for another year.  NorthStar Restoration Services in Wausau, WI provides carpet, upholstery, tile and grout cleaning services.  Contact us today if you need help getting started. We can bring your home back to life.

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