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Pitfalls of DIY Mold Cleanup

You just noticed mold in your house for the first time.  It doesn’t seem like much, and you think it should be pretty easy to handle on your own, so you hit Google.  All the DIY sites tell you that bleach water will do the trick.  Sounds easy enough!

A couple of weeks later, you notice the mold is back, and this time there’s even more of it.  What happened? Contrary to popular belief, bleach water is not a good idea when it comes to mold cleaning.  Mold grows deep into porous surfaces like grout and painted drywall where bleach cannot penetrate.  Not only is the bleach unable to kill the mold on a porous surface, if it isn’t completely rinsed, but mold will also break down into sugar and feed the mold. 

The bleach-water mixture also adds water that will stay behind on porous materials even after the bleach has evaporated, further adding to the proliferation of the mold. Bleach is great at changing the color of surface mold, making you think you've dealt with it… but the mold will keep coming back, again and again.

 Another danger involved with DIY mold cleanup is that disturbing mold can release mold spores into the air. Inhaled mold spores can cause serious health complications, especially for those with chronic respiratory conditions or for the elderly or small children. Those mold spores can also easily travel through the air to other areas of the property, and if they reach your air ducts, can create a whole-house mold problem in days.

When a professional with the proper mold remediation training attacks a mold problem, they'll come with the equipment necessary to isolate the mold-infested area and the right chemicals to thoroughly kill the mold and restore the look and cleanliness of the surfaces.

What many DIY-ers also don't take into consideration is that mold is more than unsightly and gross. It also causes structural damage. Mold feeds on any organic material, and that includes your drywall and wall studs. Bleach, while it will change the color of surface mold temporarily, cannot solve your mold problem. Often, structural repairs will be necessary after the mold is killed. Unfortunately, mold cleanup is not a friendly project, even for the savviest DIYer.  Mold is tricky to get rid of, and the wrong processes will often just exacerbate the issue. 

If you find yourself with mold in your Central Wisconsin home or business, leave it to the professionals and call NorthStar right away. Our restoration technicians have the training and experience necessary to help with your mold issues.

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