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Moldy Roof Leak Damage

Mold Growth Due to Roof Leaks

Small roof leaks don’t seem like they would cause a lot of damage, but the destructive power of water should never be underestimated.  

A leaking roof doesn’t stop at structural damage.  It also poses serious health and safety risks. Continuous water intrusion from the roof doesn’t stop in the attic.  Water can and will steadily creep down from the attic all the way to the foundation if given the opportunity, causing extensive damage along the way.  Water is sneaky and will creep into every crevice and seep into materials like drywall that may still look dry to the naked eye.  This type of water damage can only be detected by moisture testing using specialized moisture meters. Because roof leaks and the resulting water damage often go unnoticed mold growth is quite common. Often, mold damage is visible in the attic at the source of the leak, so it’s easily diagnosed.  Unfortunately, mold will proliferate anywhere in the home that incurred unmitigated water damage.  Air quality tests will test for the concentration of mold spores in the air to help determine if there is invisible mold damage.  Once the mold is removed and the roof patched or replaced, a post remediation mold test will ensure that moisture and mold levels in the home are at adequate levels to make certain the mold was properly removed and that it will not come back.

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