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4 Types Of Property Damage NorthStar Can Help With

Property damage can happen in any number of ways. A flood, a fire, a broken window, mold — any of these can cause extensive damage to your property. That's where NorthStar Restoration Services in Wausau comes in. We're experts in property damage restoration and can help you get your property back to normal as quickly as possible. In this post, we'll discuss four types of property damage that we commonly see. Learn more below and contact our team to get started!

Flood & Water Damage

We offer restoration for properties affected by flood and water damage. This type of property damage can be caused by several things — heavy rains, storms, broken pipes, and more. When your property is flooded, it's important to act quickly as water damage can cause mold growth and other problems if it's not dealt with right away. 

Fire & Smoke Damage

At NorthStar, we can handle all fire and smoke damage. This is often some of the most destructive types of property damage, as a fire can obliterate your property beyond repair, and the smoke can negatively impact any and all porous surfaces. 

Vandalism & Criminal Damage

Criminal damage is another type of property damage that we can help with. Grafitti, break-ins, and other types of crimes can cause anything from a small mess to a great deal of damage. If you're dealing with vandalism or criminal damage of any sort, rely on our professional restoration team.

Mold Damage

Mold damage is yet another type of property damage we can help remediate here at NorthStar. Mold damage can be caused by water damage, flooding, or other moisture problems. It can cause extensive damage to your property and can also be a health hazard. 

If you're dealing with any of these types of property damage, NorthStar is here to help. We're a leading property damage restoration company and we can help you get your property back to normal. Get in touch with us to schedule emergency or non-emergency restoration services in Wausau, WI today!

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