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10 Summer Home Maintenance Tips

It's finally summer! As you're getting ready to enjoy vitamin D and resist the heat, there are some things to keep in mind. A change of season means some changes to your home too. So, if you want to fully enjoy the summer in your home, be sure to apply these 10 crucial summer home maintenance tips.

1# Thoroughly inspect your basement and attic

The first signs of any spring-induced damage appear in your attic and basement. So, it's crucial to perform a thorough inspection of the basement as well as the attic. Look closely for any signs of vermin, insects, water damage, or signs of mold. Turn off the lights and look outside to see if there are any hints of dawn breaking through.

Take care of the clutter

Your basement and your attic are probably the most cluttered parts of your home. So, in order for them to function properly, you need to practice decluttering from time to time. And what better time to find your old swing in the attic than summer? Also, decluttering is extremely important if you are planning on moving soon. Professional movers suggest that the basement and attic are places to start when you want to dispose of some things before your move.

An old attic.
You may use your attic as your storage space, but it's better sometimes to leave your stuff in a specialized facility.

2# Inspect insulation

Insulation problems may manifest themselves everywhere in your home, from the front entrance to the attic to gaps in your garage door (especially if the garage is attached). Considering that cooling expenses are greater in the summer, you should fix any holes in the insulation in your home as soon as possible.

3# Clean your heating and cooling system

Since you'll be using it extensively, don't skip cleaning your heating and cooling system. Check that the fan is working properly, that the coils are clean, and that there is no bad wiring that might potentially start a fire. Don't overlook the need to change your filter. Also, it's a good idea to book air duct cleaning to make sure that your cooling system will work with clean air.

4# Replace worn-out doors and windows with newer models

Be sure to replace any displays that are broken. The appropriate closing of the windows is necessary to successfully regulate the temperature. Check the sealant around the windows and doors both inside and out, and replace it if it's worn or damaged.

5# Clean the exterior

Check below your eaves for any debris that might have become loose and piled there. When you come across muck or leaves, be sure to gather them and get rid of them. Next, check the flashing or metal strips surrounding the chimney, vents, satellite dishes, and skylights on your roof. These may be found in most homes. During a severe hail or downpour, it has the potential to become loose. This might lead to water seepage which needs to be repaired as soon as possible.

6# Use a pressure washer

Mold and mildew may spread more quickly on the outside of your house if the temperature and humidity are both high. Make use of a power washer that is equipped with a mildew remover that is suitable for your siding.

7# Inspecting the deck is one of the crucial summer home maintenance tips

Check the boards of your deck to check if any of them seem to have rotted away. If they have, replace them as soon as possible. Use a moisture meter on your deck to see whether or not the boards need to be resealed. In order to preserve the wood from being harmed by water, you should reseal it if it gets into the wood.

8# Make sure your grill is clean

Summer is a perfect time for barbeque. So, you need to prepare your grill. Charcoal grills need the racks to be wiped clean after emptying any dust or debris that may have accumulated. To clean the interior as well as the exterior of the grill, you may use a scrub brush or a sponge, along with hot water and dish soap. Before you use it again, you need to make sure that all of its surfaces have had enough time to dry.

The important part of grill maintenance is the proper storage when you're not using it. Storing it in a messy place with a lot of moisture is not the best idea. So, it might be best to consult the storage experts when choosing storage size to pick the best facility. Be sure to also take your grill size into account and consider your needs for optimal satisfaction.

A man and a grill.
Barbeques are the most fun part of the summer home maintenance.

9# Have your lawnmower serviced

The accumulation of grass clippings in your lawnmower may encourage rust and block the discharge chute, which will leave clumps of grass clippings on your lawn. Keeping up with your cleaning routine will help prevent more issues from arising, so make sure you give it some attention this month.

10# Take care of your trees, shrubs, and flowers

It is not too late to tend to the garden at your house, even if you were unable to do it during the spring. If you want to improve the overall look of your house and hone your green thumb at the same time, the best time to do it is during the summer. It is recommended that you apply mulch to the garden beds since it helps maintain a tidier look. Also, trim any flowers, shrubs, or trees that are too close to the outside of the house, the roof, or the central air conditioning unit.

A girl taking a picture of a flower.
Having your flowers in a garden bed will help your yard look more organized.

Bottom line

So, there you have it. All the things you need to do to make your home summer-ready. For additional summer brownie points and full experience, you may consider also doing:

  • Summer interior decorating
  • Painting walls in a fun color
  • Garage reorganization

Once you follow these summer home maintenance tips, you'll be ready to enjoy your carefree and relaxed summer! So, don't procrastinate. The sooner you get to work, the sooner you'll get to sip the tasty lemonade and nap on the deck.

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