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Forensic Restoration in Almond, WI

Forensic Restoration in Almond, WI

Clean up and removal of items from a hoarding site typically involves cleaning a building or residence the average person would consider to be uninhabitable due to a combination of debris from hoarding, bodily fluids, excessive trash, expired food, odor, boxed items, mold, and infestation of rodents or insects.

Unexpected deaths or the scene of a crime can leave behind more than emotional devastation. The property where the event occurred is also significantly impacted, and its occupants should not be left to try to clean up on their own after the medical and law enforcement personnel have departed. Not only can the destruction seem overwhelming, but the presence of bodily tissues and fluids pose a significant health hazard if not cleaned up using the proper equipment and chemicals.

The task of cleaning such areas is often impossible for an individual to manage. But with the reassurance knowing that NorthStar Restoration Services has a wealth of experience and professional training, your stress can be alleviated. We provide the professional tools and products to eliminate any potential hazards and neutralize odors.

We provide forensic restoration services in Almond, WI.

To schedule an appointment or for emergency forensic restoration in Almond, WI, call 866-439-9318.

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forensic restoration in Almond, WI
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