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Continuing Education (CE) Courses for Insurance Professionals

Preparing You to Fully Assist Your Policyholders

Continuing Education (CE) Courses For Insurance ProfessionalsWith Continuing Education (CE) course options from NorthStar Restoration Services, you and your staff can be better equipped to help your policyholders by understanding the insurance industry rules, guidelines, procedures, and best practices.

Continuing Education (CE) Courses Designed to Help Improve Customer Service.

Course – Annuities and Long -Term Care Insurance

This course is intended to clarify the negative perceptions of annuities and to cover a topic in long term care that a lot of individuals will need. The first 2 hours will define an annuity and its unique features including settlement options. A number of concepts will be discussed as well. The last two hours will focus on defining long term care insurance and how to qualify for benefits. Reasons why people buy and don't buy will be discussed. The LTC Partnership will be covered. The course concludes with LTCI options and what to look for in a policy.

Course – College Funding and Preretirement Planning

The course begins by identifying the concerns of people who need to plan for college and plan for retirement. College savings vehicles are discussed in depth. Other college funding sources are also covered. Sources of retirement income are discussed as well as funding vehicles to prepare for retirement. The course concludes with a brief discussion of long- term care.

Course – Disability, Critical Illness and Long- Term Care Insurance

This course discusses the importance of all 3 types of insurance including why each type of coverage is needed. Each type of insurance is defined along with a discussion of the various policy plans offered. The course concludes with case studies regarding the suitability of each type of insurance.

Course – E & O, D & O and EPLI in the Insurance Industry

This course is designed to give the attendees a greater knowledge of errors and omissions coverage, directors and officers coverage and employment practices liability. Small groups will discuss how to manage E & O risk as well as EPL. The course concludes with large group discussion of each.

Course – Ethics I

This four-hour course begins with answering 2 Why questions. Defining what good ethics is will follow. Suitability is covered in depth. The course concludes with insurance case studies.

Course – Ethics II

This four-hour course begins with a self-assessment questionnaire, followed by small and large group discussion. The definition of good ethics is reviewed. Techniques on how to best deliver good ethics is discussed. The course concludes with understanding different personalities.

Course – Ethics III

This four-hour course will cover the importance of suitability. 17 steps will be covered. Since rules and laws are important to follow, a general Wisconsin law test will be administered. Individual and small group work will take place. The course concludes with large group discussion of the answers.

Course – Ethics IV

This will be a fast four hours asking the participants a lot of different questions as it relates to ethics. Senior demographics will be discussed. Time permitting, human interest case studies will be covered.

Course – Health Care Reform

The course begins with the history of the PPACA, along with the goals of the Act. Essential health benefits are covered. An understanding of the health care marketplace is covered as well as how subsidies are granted. Medicare changes will be discussed as well as Medicaid expansion. Updated changes to the ACA are covered. The course ends with a discussion of high out of pocket costs, disability and long- term care.

Course – Insurance Fraud

The course begins with discussing the different types of fraud, followed by small and large group discussion of fraud stories. SIU's are discussed along with fraud prevention tips.

Course – Life Insurance Basics

The course begins with large group discussion about all of the reasons why people purchase life insurance. It then covers term insurance along with its advantages and disadvantages. Permanent insurance follows along with non-forfeiture options and dividends. The course concludes with important policy features.

Course – Life Insurance Fact Finding

Once a thorough understanding of the reasons people buy life insurance is covered, the course moves into an in-depth review of a copyrighted fact finder. Social Security survivor benefits are covered. The course concludes with a number of life insurance case studies.

Course – Medicare and Medicare Supplements

This course is designed to help the attendee understand what Medicare is and what it does. The course covers eligibility, Part A and B coverage as well as exclusions. Medicare Part D will be introduced. The course will also examine Medicare Supplement coverage including Medicare Advantage plans.

Course – Planning in the Senior Market

Four areas will be covered with the focus of, "IN" the senior market. Social Security, Medicare, annuities and long-term care are discussed.

Course – Retirement Planning

The course begins with the many considerations a person must make as they get close to retirement. A quiz is given to see how much the attendees know about the retirement planning process. Answers are discussed. There is an overview of the planning documents that are needed. Social Security is discussed along with many health insurance options that a retiree will have. There will be large group discussion of retirement sources. The course concludes with a discussion of the need for long term care insurance in the retirement planning process.

Course – Social Security

The course begins with any recent law changes and any updated numbers. Early and delayed retirement options are covered in depth with ideas that need to be considered before choosing an option. Taxation of Social Security is covered along with future proposals.

Course – Understanding Opportunities for Insurance Advising in the Multiline Environment

Why buy and who buys are covered. Most of the course is spent on segmenting a book of business into manageable markets. Ways to approach these manageable markets is also covered.

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