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Continuing Education (CE) Courses for Insurance Professionals

Preparing You to Fully Assist Your Policyholders

Continuing Education (CE) Courses For Insurance ProfessionalsWith Continuing Education (CE) course options from NorthStar Restoration Services, you and your staff can be better equipped to help your policyholders by understanding the insurance industry rules, guidelines, procedures, and best practices.

Continuing Education (CE) Courses Designed to Help Improve Customer Service.

Browse the available insurance Continuing Education (CE) courses below.

Course Ethics I

This four-hour course begins by answering two why questions. Defining what good ethics is will follow. Suitability is covered in depth. This course will conclude with case studies.

Course – Ethics II

The course begins with a self-assessment questionnaire, followed by small and large group discussion. The definition of good ethics as well as suitability is covered. Techniques on how to best deliver good ethics is discussed. The course will conclude with understanding different personalities.

Course – Ethics III

This will be a fast four hours asking the participants a lot of different questions as it relates to ethics and some case studies. Suitability will be covered in depth along with senior demographics.

Course – Health Care Reform

The course begins with the history of the PPACA, along with the goals of the Act. Essential health benefits are covered. An understanding of the health care marketplace is covered as well as how subsidies are granted. Medicare changes will be discussed as well as Medicaid expansion. Changes in the ACA for 2019 are covered. The class will end with a discussion of other issues pertaining to health care: high out of pocket costs, disability, and long-term care.

Course – E & O, D & O & EPLI in the insurance industry

This four-hour course is designed to give the attendees a greater knowledge of errors and omissions coverage, directors and officers coverage and employment practices liability. Small groups will discuss how to manage E&O risk as well as employment practices liability. The class will conclude with small and large group discussions on customer satisfaction surveys.

Course – Social Security

This four-hour course explains all about the current updates are that are shared. Early and delayed retirement is covered in depth with ideas that need to be considered before choosing an option. Taxation of Social Security is covered along with future proposals.

Course - Insurance fraud

This four-hour course begins by discussing the different types of fraud are discussed followed by small and large group discussion of fraud stories. SIU's are mentioned along with fraud prevention tips.

Course – Life Insurance Fact Finding

The course begins with large group interaction on all the reasons why people buy life insurance A review of my copyrighted fact finder will follow. Survivors benefits will be covered. The course will conclude with a review of case studies.

Course – College Funding and Preretirement Planning

The course begins by identifying the concerns of people who need to plan for college and plan for retirement. College savings vehicles are discussed in depth. Other college funding sources are also covered. Sources of retirement income are discussed as well as funding vehicles to prepare for retirement. The course concludes with a brief discussion of long-term care.

Course – Planning in the Senior Market

Four areas will be covered with the focus of "IN" the Senior Market. Social Security, Medicare, annuities, and long-term care insurance are discussed.

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